After years of content marketing saturation, Telemarketing is undergoing a complete re-birth.

We offer a finely crafted and bespoke telemarketing provision.  We don’t lift the phone professionally until we’ve had a thorough briefing from yourselves and a strategy is produced. Once the strategy is agreed we make professional calls to your contact, representing you in the best light possible. Professionalism is everything.

The kind of telemarketing services we cover:

  • Pre-pitch research to make sure your pitch is as well informed as possible
  • Data and intelligence gathering
  • Cold calling to correctly identified Ultimate Decision-Makers
  • Appointment/meeting making
  • Lead maintenance and development calls on your behalf to make sure you don’t lose momentum with your “hottest” leads
  • Account management calls to keep existing customers happy and engaged.
Where You Want To Be Is Where We Start With Your Campaign